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Was It Something I Ate?

We’ve all heard it said that “you are what you eat.” The food we take in affects our health and our well-being, our sense of energy and how we feel. For the breastfeeding mother, it can sometimes seem that the baby, too, is affected deeply by her diet. How does food really affect the mother’s milk? What does it mean if the color or smell of the milk changes? How do these changes affect the baby’s food preferences? What’s the truth about the many foods that are said to be problematic for breastfeeding moms and babies, like vegetables, spicy foods, honey, caffeine (chocolate!) and alcohol? What about potential allergens, such as cow’s milk protein, peanuts and nuts? Do we need to keep these items off of our plates during our breastfeeding phase? What symptoms might a baby experience, and what can we do to help? Join Marie Biancuzzo to bust the myths and find out the truth about the likely culprits in the American breastfeeding mother’s diet.

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