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Breastfeeding through the Holiday Season

From Thanksgiving through the New Year, the holidays seem to come with a host of demands that clamor for our attention. From the cooking and baking to shopping and visiting … the parties that can’t be missed and the celebrations that must be attended … it’s a lot any year! But, of course, there are also the needs of your baby. When you have a little one to care for at this time of year, the holidays can seem overwhelming. Before you finalize your Thanksgiving plans, make sure to join Marie for a show that will give you the essential tips you need to survive the holiday season. Is traveling on your agenda? Will you be breastfeeding in public, or among extended family, for the first time? Do you need strategies to deflect not-so-helpful opinions of relatives you’ll see? Or to help a baby who may be thrown off by the commotion? Tune in for the strategies that will help you not only survive but actually enjoy and continue breastfeeding through this holiday season.

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