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Ten Myths about Feeding Your Preemie

Caring for a baby can be a daunting task for any parents, but it can be especially so for parents whose babies arrive a bit earlier, a bit smaller, a bit more vulnerable than expected. Medical knowledge about the particular needs and challenges of preterm babies has grown in recent years. If your baby arrives preterm, at 32, 33, 34 weeks of gestation, you’ll want to be familiar with the top ten myths you may hear during his hospitalization. Consider: Can preterm babies feed at the breast? Do they need to take a bottle? What feeding options are possible? Do they need formula supplementation? How about fortifiers? How should their nutritional needs best be met? What can parents do to get their preterm babies off to the best possible start? Join Marie Biancuzzo to bust the myths and find out what you need to know about caring for your preemie.

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