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Beating Breastfeeding Frustration: Overcoming Refusal to Breastfeed

You’re frustrated! Your baby is crying. He has shown lots of signs that he’s hungry, but when you put him to your breast, he’s just not eating. You know he needs to eat. You know you need to nurse him. But something is wrong, and he’s refusing to breastfeed. What can you, his mother, do? You try different approaches and different positions, and sometimes he does latch on, but then he doesn’t suckle. What’s going on?

Or maybe you’re the health care provider, there to help. You’re frustrated, too; there is very little in the professional literature to help with this situation. How can you support this mother and baby in figuring out this situation?

In either case, you realize that solving this problem is critical to the breastfeeding relationship of this baby and this mom. You can do it! Tune in to find out more about recognizing latch problems, identifying contributing factors, and implementing strategies to get the nursing dyad back on track to meet their breastfeeding goals.

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