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Cue the Drama: Baby’s Second Night

For most babies, the first 24 hours or so after birth tends to be pretty quiet. It’s a time to rest. There’s breastfeeding, of course. And diaper changes. But it’s a lot of sleep, too. But the second night can be a whole different story. Cue the drama, as your baby realizes he’s no longer in the comforting womb he’s used to. Start the crying when he finds that the environment outside isn’t as calm and reassuring as the one he knew inside. No, there are lights and noises, strangers and interruptions of all kinds. He’ll recognize one thing, mom–you. Your smell, your voice, your breast are what this baby wants most, and he’ll let you know–loud and clear–if you don’t give it to him. It may sound dire, but don’t worry. Baby’s ok, and so are you. There are many things you can do to help your baby through this rough second night. Be prepared for the trials of “second night syndrome”-listen for strategies you can use to soothe your baby through his roughest night yet.

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