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Use of Nipple Shields in Breastfeeding

Of all the breastfeeding gear you might encounter, it’s a sure bet that none is more controversial than the nipple shield. One recent review article by McKechnie and Eglash concludes that available research “does not provide evidence for safety or effectiveness”–and yet nipple shields remain very common in the U.S., used by mothers who are said to have flat nipples, or those whose babies seem to need help latching onto the breast. However, nipple shields do not come without their problems. Use of nipple shields should be carefully planned and monitored. This episode will touch upon what you need to know about nipple shields. When can they be a help? When a hindrance? What are some signs that a mother might benefit from their use? When should they not be recommended? How should they be used–and how should use be stopped? This is a “must listen” show for expectant mothers, breastfeeding mothers, and those who care for them.

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