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It’s In the Bank: Mother’s Milk for More Babies

“Guinness Book of World Records” may seem like a funny sort of place to find the words “breast milk,” but the recordkeeping organization recently drew attention to babies’ need for donor milk when it recognized a U.S. mother for “donating the most breast milk ever.” Amelia Boomker, Java developer and mother of four, was recognized for pumping and donating nearly 483 liters of breast milk to the Indiana Mother’s Milk Bank between 2008 and 2013! Still, many women do not know that breast milk banks exist, and far too much breast milk ends up being discarded each year. Why should mothers contribute pumped breast milk to milk banks? What is the process for donating? Who receives the milk? What should mothers look for in a milk bank? Find out all about milk banking as Marie discusses the topic with world’s record holding milk donor Amelia Boomker and president of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA), Kim Updegrove.

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