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Breastfeeding Support A Winning Goal for Generations

World Breastfeeding Week is the perfect time to celebrate mothers and breastfeeding, and the role of supportive resources in achieving breastfeeding goals! This year we tip our hats to La Leche League International, a longtime leader in mother-to-mother breastfeeding support—and Marian Tompson, one of the seven Chicago-area women who founded the pioneering breastfeeding group. La Leche League International celebrated its 50th anniversary a few years ago, and as an organization it continues going strong, working to support breastfeeding for generations of mothers! Join Marie and special guest Marian Tompson, a LLL founder and breastfeeding advocate, for a discussion of LLL and breastfeeding support through the ages–how it began, what it has done, and where it is going.

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