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Seeking Sweet Sleep for Your Baby and Yourself

Have you felt fearful that sleeping with your baby might result in a horrible consequence? Do you feel a sense of conflict within yourself as every fiber of your being craves having your baby sleeping next to you, and yet, you’re fearful of having her do so because of what you’ve been told by others? As a parent, do hear conflicting advice from healthcare providers, friends, and others you trust? If you’re a healthcare provider, do your own instincts tell you that co-sleeping might be a good thing? Do you feel obligated to deliver the “party line” to parents, or do you develop your own messages? Maybe your instinct tells you that “safe” can be misunderstood. Join Marie Biancuzzo and special guest Diana West, BA, IBCLC for this show that busts the myths, clarifies the facts, and helps you to figure out what’s best for your baby when it comes to sleeping and breastfeeding.

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