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“Is It Okay …?” When Breastfeeding

Most of us want to do the right thing. We want to protect ourselves and our children (and other people, for that matter!) to the best of our ability. However, breastfeeding mothers often don’t know what’s safe, and what’s not. Do you feel pretty confident about what’s safe for your baby in utero, but not so sure about how or even if that applies to your breastfed baby? Are you wondering about whether cosmetics, diagnostic procedures, tattoos, nipple piercings and and hot tubs are okay if you’re a lactating mother? Maybe you’ve wondered if it’s okay to have sex while lactating? Of course, it’s always about weighing the risks and benefits, but sometimes how to do that is unclear. Join Marie Biancuzzo for another podcast to busts the myths and clarifies the facts about breastfeeding. Questions? E-mail

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