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Breastfeeding Six Months and More

After the first few weeks of adjustment, many mothers come to feel like they (and their baby) have gotten the hang of breastfeeding. From latching through feeding, all seems well. But breastfeeding is a journey, not a destination. Developmental changes at about six months of age can present some new challenges for mothers who aim to go the distance and breastfeeding for a year, two years, or more. Maybe you have offered solids, with no luck. Maybe he has moments when he’s distracted and turns away—without letting go of your nipple. (Ouch!) Maybe you’re concerned about continuing to breastfeeding a baby who has teeth and may (and friends or family might say “will”) bite. And, sometimes, maybe he seems to go on a nursing strike. Tune in for a podcast with practical tips on how to solve these issues, answers the listeners’ questions, and new info about the latest studies on breastfeeding in older babies.

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