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The ‘Slow to Gain’ Breastfed Baby

Some mothers notice that their babies who were doing very well and gaining weight very well with exclusive breastfeeding start to gain more slowly after the first two to four months. Even exclusively breastfed babies who experienced quick gains in the first weeks of life can gain more slowly than babies fed artificial infant formula after this point. While this slow-down can be alarming, mothers should realize that breastfeeding is the natural and physiologically normal way to feed babies, and the tendency to compare the growth of breastfed infants to their formula-fed peers can sound alarm bells unnecessarily. How is “slow to gain” different from “failure to thrive”? What changes in growth can be expected for your baby? What signs indicate health? What signs may be cause for concern? Listen as Marie and Mary Kay Smith, RN, IBCLC, FILCA discuss weight gain in breastfed infants. Questions? E-mail anytime.

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