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The Secret to Exclusively Breastfeeding for 6 Months

Whether you are studying for an exam, trying to kick a bad habit, or shooting a basketball from the free-throw line, you know that it’s easier to succeed when you feel the support and encouragement of someone cheering you on. You’ve said you’re committed to giving your baby only your milk for 6 months, but you haven’t sought out a mother-to-mother support group for it. Maybe you don’t feel you have the time or energy for it. Maybe you’re not sure if it matters.

Join Marie and special guest Melanie Tarr, IBCLC, as they discuss one secret to meeting your goal for exclusive breastfeeding: getting the right support. Learn how to draw support from individuals or groups that you feel comfortable with (locally or online). Find out how groups vary, what traits can make a difference, and how mother-to-mother support can be a game-changer for some women. Stick around to hear some tips for what to say—and not say—to mothers who might be struggling.

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