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Babies With Tongue and Lip Ties: What’s Fact, What’s False and How to Overcome the Problems

Mothers of babies who have tongue tie, lip tie, or both can be overwhelmed by the many and varied opinions they hear. One person says to see the baby’s pediatrician, another says to go straight to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Someone else says a dentist is the best person to help. One says tethered oral tissues (TOTS) should be clipped with a scalpel; another says a laser is the way to go. Someone else says there’s no reason to do anything about it at all. It can be hard to figure out what’s fact and what’s false.

Join Marie and special guest Dr. Lawrence Kotlow for an eye-opening look at TOTS, and its role in infant distress, reflux, and maternal discomfort during breastfeeding. Find out about how TOTS is diagnosed, and learn about treatment options. Learn what you can do to overcome your baby’s TOTS and ensure optimal breastfeeding for you both.

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