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High Time for BMOC: Breastfeeding Mother On Campus

Are you an expectant or breastfeeding mother who will be heading back to campus, as a student or faculty/staff member? Are you wondering about accommodations for you to express your milk for your baby while you are on campus? Are you trying to figure out how to set the wheels in motion to get not only a room for mothers to express their milk, but an innovative, flexible and collaborative lactation program that benefits everyone—faculty, staff and students?
Join Marie and her guest Michele Vancour, PhD, MPH, author of “Breastfeeding Best Practices in Higher Education” (Praeclarus, 2016) for discussion of process at various academic settings, from brainstorming through overcoming obstacles and finding funding. Learn how you can be an integral part of initiating and developing such a program, from assessing your campus to practical strategies for managing the available space.

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