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Beyond Food, Beyond Health: Breastfeeding Is Good for the Whole Family!

You’ve heard it a million times: Your milk is the best source for your baby’s nutrition and protection against disease. But what else does it do? Specifically, how does breastfeeding affect human development–your baby, your relationship with your baby? and not just your baby in infancy, but your baby-turned-toddler, preschooler, child, and teen? How does breastfeeding affect us, in terms of our identity, our relationships with our children, and also with our partner? How can we make sure breastfeeding is “best” for everyone, and that the whole family reaps the rewards of this rich source of nutrition and so much more?

Join Marie and special guest, Dr. Keren Epstein-Gilboa, nurse-psychotherapist and author of “Interaction and Relationships in Breastfeeding Families: Implications for Practice,” as they talk about breastfeeding, families, and the life-long benefits.

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