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Breastfeeding: The First Hour Matters

A decade has passed since “Breastfeeding the First Hour – Save One Million
Babies” was the catchphrase for the international World Breastfeeding Week
celebration. Ten years’ worth of new research has proven that breastfeeding
your baby during the first hour after delivery makes a huge difference in
terms of his health–both short-term and long-term. Unfortunately, U.S.
delivery rooms are not keeping up with the science. Too often, the baby’s
first opportunity to breastfeed is delayed. It may be due to the hospital
setting and rules, or beliefs and cultural norms of the health care
provider, the mother, her family, or her community. Or perhaps medication or
labor/delivery practices have gotten in the way.
Join Marie and her guest, midwife Vicki Penwell, as they talk about the
capabilities and limitations for newborns during the first hour, the real
and perceived barriers of First Hour breastfeeding.

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