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Encore: Demands of Lactation Versus The Social World: What No One Else Tells You

Everyone has an opinion, and they’re usually pushing it as “fact.” Breastfeeding advocates sing a litany of benefits that breastfeeding provides. Critics insist that breastfeeding is difficult and ties you down. Others imply that you’re a bad mother if you don’t breastfeed. With so many message and feelings, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, confused, guilty, or just plain crazy!

Join Marie and special guest, author and expert Dr. Paige Hall Smith discuss why, despite all the pressure, you should not feel guilty. Paige will explain that your feeding decision isn’t a real “choice” unless you’ve had adequate information and support. Learn how to arm yourself with ready-made comebacks for critics, and why it’s not breastfeeding that constrains you, it’s how society puts constraints on your breastfeeding experience. Gain reassurance that the bodily demands of lactation are part of “extreme care” work which—although perhaps not valued by society—are completely worth i

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