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Don’t Fear Baby’s Tears: Keys to Aware Parenting

You’re not the only one who goes through it. Just about every new parent has times of not knowing why their baby is crying, or what to do to help. Times when, although your baby has been fed, burped, and changed, he’s still crying and you don’t know why. Times when, although you’ve tried all the tricks you know, none of them have worked. You may feel that if you had more experience, or were wiser or more intuitive, you’d be able to fix whatever is causing your baby’s crying. You may wonder if there’s something “bad” in your milk, or if it’s not satisfying your baby’s needs (in spite of the many wet/dirty diapers you’ve changed!)
Before you reach your wits’ end, tune in as Marie talks with developmental psychologist and author Aletha Solter, PhD, the founder of The Aware Parenting Institute. You’ll gain valuable insight about possible causes of your baby’s crying, why it matters when tears are released, the benefits of crying (for babies 2 days, 2 months, or 2 years!), and the downsides.

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