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What Your Mother Never Told You About the Love Hormone!

We all know that oxytocin is the love hormone. But oxytocin has some amazing attributes that are often overlooked. If you’re a breastfeeding mother, you’ve faced situations where you wish oxytocin would go gangbusters in your body–while at other times, you wish it would fade into the background! Sure, oxytocin is stored in your pituitary gland, but what triggers or inhibits its release? Yes, it’s floating around in your blood, but where else is it? Do men have oxytocin, and how does it affect them? Does it affect your baby, or just your let-down? And, with more than one-third of women in the United States being given synthetic oxytocin for labor induction or augmentation, what effects does that have on breastfeeding? Join Marie and her guest, Wendy Jones, for a deep-dive to discover what you can do to maximize the oxytocin for you, your baby, and your family truly immersed in the amazing, almost magical effects of this love hormone.

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