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Encore: Tweak and Ye Shall Find Success

Many mothers start out with the goal of breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months. But often things don’t go as the mother had hoped. Perhaps she needed a cesarean delivery, or maybe her baby was born early. Any number of issues could arise to threaten her early successes. And then there are the later-appearing challenges. It may feel as if she is running an all-night smorgasbord and yet her baby is constantly hungry. Perhaps, despite careful use of the prescribed medication, she can’t beat a recurrent case of thrush! Or maybe she returned to work with seemingly airtight plans for combining breastfeeding and working, but found that pumping her milk just isn’t working the way she wants. It may feel as if you need a major overhaul of your life and your body to meet your breastfeeding goals, but sometimes just small tweaks can help you to succeed! Tune in to find out more. This episode features a special segment on flange alternatives with Jon Gillan of Pumpin’ Pal.

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