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Your Guide to Breastfeeding Equipment Other Than Pumps

You’ve seen countless advertisements for every kind of breastfeeding gadget, gizmo, and device. There are literally hundreds on the market these days! Women have breastfed for thousands of years with no equipment at all. And, even now, there are mothers in many places on earth where they just put the baby on the breast, and it would never occur to them to use any equipment whatsoever. But, like so many other things in healthcare, there’s a time when technology should be used, used with caution, used enthusiastically, and not used at all.

Join Marie as she talks about the most popular and long-running breastfeeding devices used in the United States and Europe over the last few decades. Whether you’re a parent or a professional, get Marie’s take when and why some devices might be helpful in certain circumstances, how to do some simple problem-solving, when to raise questions and what the research has to say about these—if anything.

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