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Theres an App – Several Apps – for Breastfeeding!

These days, we’re tethered to our smart phones or tablets. We turn to apps whether we want to get the weather report, track our steps, read a book, manage our to-do list or pray. So of course, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers use apps, too! But other than apps being ubiquitous these days, why do moms—especially breastfeeding moms—use apps? And what, exactly, do we know about apps that might support breastfeeding moms?

Join Marie and her special guest. Jill Demirci, PhD, RN, IBCLC, as they discuss multiple aspects of apps used by pregnant or lactating mothers. They’ll tell you why apps are used rather than other technology, how the apps are helpful, the kinds of breastfeeding support and information that moms and professionals want (and may rely on!) for help. They’ll also give a generous list of breastfeeding apps that are popular, useful, or user-friendly. And about the time you think these are advantageous, they’ll identify some cautions for and drawbacks to using apps, too.

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