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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: What Do Postpartum Mothers Need to Know

The joyous occasion has occurred! The baby is here! But what else is here? Some pain or discomfort on your “bottom”? Lots of little leaks you’d rather not see or feel? Maybe some uncomfortable feelings or sensations during sex? Hmmm…

Join Marie and her guest, Dr. Melissa Nassaney, PT, MS, DPT, as they talk about the seemingly unspeakable. What is pelvic floor dysfunction, and what contributes to it, especially during the childbearing cycle? How might breastfeeding be related? What are the most common dysfunctions of the pelvis that occur after pregnancy and birth? Is it just those little bladder leaks? Or is it something even more embarrassing, like fecal incontinence? Is it just a nuisance, or something more serious? Might you have a pelvic organ prolapse? How can you help yourself, and when is it time to get professional help? You might hear a little more than you’d like to hear—but what you probably need to know if this is happening to your body.

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