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Navigating Tricares New Banked Human Milk Policy Coverage

Are you a Tricare beneficiary? Are you aware that your Tricare policy may cover some or most of the costs of banked human milk for your baby?

Join Marie and her guest, doula and retired second lieutenant Kari Haravitch as they help you to understand what this new benefit could mean for you or your baby, and what questions you should be asking. Learn the many details about what is and is not covered. Who is eligible to receive banked donor milk under the new Tricare policy? What conditions must be met? What is covered? How long does the coverage last? How much will families pay out of pocket for this benefit? What about if you’re overseas? What about if you adopted your baby? Where does the Human Milk Banking Association of North America fit into this discussion? Listen as Marie and Kari answer all of these and more questions. You might run into some limitations, but you’ll know how to ask the right questions about getting banked donor milk for your baby.

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