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BabyWearing: An Amazing Experience You Won’t Want to Miss

Most of us assume that babywearing is, well, nice; a new fad that might be fun to try. Fewer of us recognize it as a practice with ancient roots in hunter-gatherer societies. And scarcely anyone would consider it as a biological, psychological or sociological imperative for the modern family, and yet, perhaps we should.

Join Marie and her guest, Rosie Knowles, a general practitioner and author of Why Babywearing Matters. Dr. Knowles tells us a surprisingly candid and heartwarming story of how she became interested in babywearing, and why she has spearheaded efforts to normalize babywearing in her community. How can babywearing affect your baby’s muscle development, eye development, or likelihood of flat-head syndrome or reflux? How is the interaction different between baby and adults during babywearing? Learn how mothers and other family members can and should do babywearing on a regular basis in order to reap the many physical and psychologic benefits for themselves.

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