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Top Seven Strategies for Succeeding at Breastfeeding

As an expectant parent waiting for your baby’s arrival, it can be hard to imagine what parenting a newborn will be like. You want to be prepared to meet your baby’s needs. But what will it be like day to day (even hour to hour)? What do you need to know to ensure your baby nurses well? How does breastfeeding even work? What can you do to make sure you start on the right path?
As a new parent with your baby in your arms, breastfeeding may seem different from what you expected. Maybe it has been easy from the start, not as hard as other mothers suggested. Maybe it felt natural at first, but has changed. Maybe it’s taking a little while for you, or your baby, to get the knack. Breastfeeding isn’t a stable course; it’s a dynamic, changing journey.
No matter where you are on the path, Marie’s lucky seven top strategies for breastfeeding success can help you figure out how to keep moving forward. If you want to meet your breastfeeding goals, listen in for these essential breastfeeding tips.

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