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Birth Practices and Breastfeeding

Today, the vast majority of U.S. births occur in hospitals, under the vigilant care of nurses, doctors, and other health care providers. In this setting, a host of interventions are often used, including IV fluids, epidurals, anesthesia, pitocin, vitamin K, weighing, measuring, and more. Each of these many steps can affect the mother, child, and breastfeeding. Parents and providers need to understand the connections between specific interventions and breastfeeding outcomes, and work together to support the new family from the start. Understanding of evidence-based practices leads to informed decisions during your baby’s birth. Listen for Marie’s tips for identifying and avoiding unnecessary birth practices, as well as overcoming challenges that result from any interventions that do occur. Have a question about your experience, or what you can expect? E-mail anytime or call 866-472-5792 during the show.

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