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Full Term Baby, Full Time Pumping

Join Marie and special guest Mary Kay Smith, RN, IBCLC of Edward Hospital (Naperville, IL) for an episode focused on breast pumping to bottle-feed full-term babies whose mothers are not feeding them directly at the breast. Mothers may choose to pump for their full-term, healthy newborns and assume that getting the pumped milk is the same as getting the milk directly. Health care providers may question whether the research substantiates that idea. Factors such as inadequate breastfeeding instruction and support may contribute to the situation. How is feeding pumped mother’s milk different from feeding mother’s milk directly? Why do some mothers choose to bring their pump to the breast, rather than their baby? What can be done to support mothers in making informed infant feeding decisions? Questions or comments? Call 866-472-5792 during the show, or e-mail at any time.

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