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Hypnotherapy for Breastfeeding Mothers and Care Providers

For many new parents, the first year brings a kind of stress they haven’t experienced before. Here is a little baby, relying on you for his every need–a little baby who cannot communicate what he needs with words but must do so through crying and body language. Baby’s ok, and so are you—or you will be, once you figure out how to deal with this new stress and get some well-deserved rest. Hypnotherapy can draw on your inner resources to help.
And then there are the breastfeeding care providers. Whether preparing for the IBLCE exam that will launch their career or engaged in the day-to-day clinical care of breastfeeding mothers and babies, their work can bring stress or even anxiety. Hypnotherapy can help here, too.
Listen as Marie talks with internationally recognized clinical hypnotherapist Max Kirsten ( about how self-help strategies can help new parents and providers face the challenges they encounter.

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