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Finding Balance as a Breastfeeding Mother

Although recent changes in federal employment law are supposed to support breastfeeding mothers who work outside the home, the reality is that many still face a host of challenges in the workplace. Balancing paid work and breastfeeding is not easy. Take it from Judy Masucci, PhD. Formerly a biotech executive, Judy left her successful career in that competitive field to develop A Mother’s Boutique, a resource for new mothers in need of breastfeeding wear, support, and breast pumps. This scientist-turned-“bra whisperer” has hard-earned experience on topics such as breastfeeding, breastfeeding wear, and breast pumping. What do mothers need to know when choosing a nursing bra? How can they plan ahead for postpartum needs before their baby is born? What is a virtual bra-fitting? Why is a good fitting bra especially important for the breastfeeding mother—and her baby? Join Marie and Judy for discussion of bras, breastfeeding, and work-life balance.

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