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Coping with Criticism from Others while Breastfeeding

Do you feel uncomfortable when you know you’ll be in the presence of someone who may not share your enthusiasm for breastfeeding? If you haven’t encountered this uneasiness yet, it’s likely you will. Soon.
Holiday time is prime time for encountering relatives or friends you haven’t seen in awhile, so maybe you’re wondering is if criticism is right around the corner. Criticism—verbal or just critical glances—can make any woman wonder, “Am I doing something wrong?” Maybe you’ve felt that way, and maybe you feel defensive at those remarks or disapproving looks. Although every fiber in your being may want to lash out, another part of you realizes that there’s got to be a better way.

Join Marie Biancuzzo as she helps you activate your criticism-radar, find ways to prevent or minimize criticism, and make some responses that are more effective than lashing out.

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