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Nurturing the Nursing Mother

Even as the new mother focuses her energy on meeting the needs of her little one and learning how to breastfeed, she is going through numerous changes, both physically and emotionally.Even in ideal circumstances, caring for her baby (and herself) can be challenging. If her expectations (healthy baby, rooming in) don’t match with the reality (baby needs special care, may even be in a separate area of the hospital), she may feel overwhelmed. She may, instead of being able to bring the baby right to her breast and nurse, find herself in the less-than-cozy circumstance of pumping her breast milk to stimulate her supply and meet her baby’s needs. How can loved ones and caregivers support new mothers and babies? How can mothers prepare for their baby’s stay if they are separated? How can health care providers ensure they nurture the vulnerable new mother–and her baby? Join Marie as she talks with Sherry Spacco, RN IBCLC of Norwood Hospital (Norwood, MA) about the challenges that new mothers face in meeting the needs of their babies.

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