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What to Expect During the First Six Weeks

Pregnancy is a time of waiting—with great excitement—for the arrival of your new baby. It’s also a time of preparing, filling out baby gift registries and thinking about details like where baby will sleep, what kind of baby carrier will work best, and whether you will need a breast pump. In U.S. society, new mothers aren’t encouraged to think about what the weeks after birth will mean for themselves, physiologically and emotionally. Yet the first six weeks—often all that many mothers can take of maternity leave—are vital for bonding with your baby, and for your baby’s development. Join Marie as she talks with Dr. Cheryl Zauderer, author if Maternity Leave: A New Mother’s Guide to the First Six Weeks Postpartum (Praeclarus Press, 2015), about what happens during the first six weeks, to help new and expectant mothers feel ready and put their minds at ease. Questions? E-mail

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