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How to Feel Empowered as a Nursing Mother

Are you facing circumstances that seem “set” by others? Did you have a birth experience different from what you had planned? It’s easy to feel powerless. Maybe you planned to breastfeed early and often, but your baby had a hard time latching or was admitted to the NICU. Maybe she was healthy, but you felt pressured by hospital staff to supplement with formula. Maybe you developed sore nipples or mastitis. Maybe she was colicky. Any number of factors could lead to feelings of disappointment, helplessness, or powerlessness.

Listen as Marie and special guest Rebecca Hall Gruyter talk about steps for empowering yourself every day in every circumstances. Learn how to be intentional in your actions, and to recognize the choices you have. Tune in for a conversation about how breastfeeding, perhaps more than any other activity you might do, is a way to serve another from a state of abundance. Rebecca’s motto is “living on purpose, with purpose.” Here’s your opportunity to do just that!

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