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A Quick Guide to Stress-Free Baby-Led Weaning and Offering Table Foods

Your milk has completely sustained your baby for months. But as he becomes older, he’ll need to have something else. What table food do you offer him, when, and how? What if he doesn’t accept what you offer? What kind of spoon works best, or do you need a spoon at all? Would baby-led weaning work in your family? Are there “rules” for weaning, and if so, what are they? What approaches have been scientifically proven to be logical and safe, and what’s just the latest craze? Your milk is a complete food, so do you have to stop breastfeeding at all? Is weaning a process of taking-away, or adding to?
Join Marie and her guest, Dr. Gill Rapley as they bust the myths and clarify the facts about baby-led weaning. You’ll be astonished to find that some of the “rules” of weaning aren’t rules at all. Learn simple tips to help weaning be stress-free a process. This quick who-what-when-where-how guide will help you gather ideas that will have you looking forward to growing your baby’s diet.

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