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Why won’t my breastfed baby sleep at night? One question, many answers.

Have you been wondering why your baby isn’t sleeping at night? Are you worried that your baby’s not sleeping because of something with your milk? Have you heard from friends or family that he should be sleeping, that there’s something you could do to encourage him to sleep–like switching to formula, or giving cereal at bedtime? Should you be letting your baby “cry it out”? You’re left wondering what’s myth, and what’s fact. Maybe your mothering instinct tells you there’s no one answer, but perhaps different answers for different families at different times.

Join Marie and her guest, dietician and author Rachelle Gershkovich, as they talk about more integrated strategies. Rachelle will bust several myths—including the myth that there’s a one-size-fits-all answer or approach. Rachelle will give you some clues and insights about developmental, caloric and hormonal factors that may be affecting your baby’s sleep—along with some simple tips to try tonight!

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