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Postpartum Care Is Essential: The ‘Seven Sisters’ Approach to Community-Based Support for New Moms

Pregnancy is an exciting time of anticipation and preparation. There are showers to attend, supplies to buy, arrangements to be made, and birth plans to write. But as much as they plan for childbirth and the arrival of their new baby, new mothers often overlook the need to plan for their postpartum care. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by their needs, new (or, better yet, expectant) mothers can reach out to friends and families to ask for the help that will support their postpartum healing and entry into parenthood. Join Marie and special guest Michelle Peterson, founder of “The Seven Sisters Postpartum Care Program” and author of “Seven Sisters for Seven Days: A Mother’s Manual for Community-Based Postpartum Care,” to talk about the essential care new mothers need, and how to make sure they get it.

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