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Stop, Look and Listen: Your Body Is Sending You Messages!

Like all mammals, human women have been giving birth spontaneously for millions of years. It is relatively recently that the birthing process has become what it is: complicated, medicalized, and scheduled. Despite much talk about “evidence-based practice,” there is relatively little evidence to justify the cascade of interventions that are imposed upon mothers during a hospital birth.
Join Marie and Dr. Sarah Buckley as they discuss the state of modern birth. Stop—or at least hesitate— before you automatically agree to an elective cesarean birth, an artificial induction of labor, or the epidural that will almost certainly follow. Look at the facts: the benefits haven’t been proven to outweigh the risks that can affect your birthing, breastfeeding, and beyond. Listen as she explains the need for a “private, safe, and unobserved” place for conceiving, birthing and immediately breastfeeding to ensure survival of the species. Listen to your body; it is pre-programmed to birth your baby.

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