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Encore: How Biological Nurturing is Key to Relaxed, Joyful Nursing for Mother and Newborn

Maybe you’ve heard Marie or someone else say, “Be sure to support the baby’s back! Sit up straight when you bring the baby to the breast. Oh, he’s not interested? Okay, try in a half hour, he’ll be hungry by then!” These traditional directives have no science to substantiate their effectiveness, and add stress for the mother and baby who are being “taught” to breastfeed.

Join Marie and her guest, Dr. Suzanne Colson, as they guide you through amazing research results that show how biological nurturing is the key to having your baby latch on effortlessly and painlessly. Suzanne explains that 17 primitive newborn reflexes (PNRs) are released when the mother opens the angle of her lightly-clothed body and the baby brushes against her to self-attach. If you’ve ever struggled with sore nipples, a newborn who refuses to nurse, an ineffective latch, or other issues, Marie and Suzanne will show you how this simple technique can transform your experience into a relaxed, joyful experience.

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