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What No One Ever Told You About Your Colostrum

You may have already heard about the miraculous powers of colostrum, the “liquid gold” that is the first milk a mother’s body makes for her baby. Colostrum is famous for its high concentration of immunoglobulins and other protective components. But does all colostrum look the same? How much does the baby need? How long will you have colostrum before you have a copious milk supply? How much will you make in a day? How much colostrum will you be able to express if your baby can’t suckle? What’s the best way to express it? How does colostrum change over time? Listen as Marie and her guest, experienced nurse and lactation consultant Mary Foley, talk about both the mundane and mysterious aspects of colostrum. In this show, you’ll begin to appreciate why “less is more”, the wide variations in the observable characteristics of colostrum, and you’ll get practical tips for collecting and saving every last drop, especially if your baby is too premature or too weak to suckle it for himself.

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