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What You Need to Know to Prevent, Treat, and Beat Mastitis

If you’ve heard of mastitis (inflammation of the breast), you’ve heard how painful it is. But do you know how to reduce your risk? Many doctors and nurses didn’t learn about mastitis in their basic training, so it often goes unrecognized or undertreated, and you’ll need to know how to communicate clearly with your health care provider. Knowing how to recognize the symptoms, and when to get medical help—or when to get help even after starting treatment—is critical.

Join Marie for a discussion that will help you to recognize the early indicators of mastitis and avoid misdiagnosis. Make sure you know about conditions that have similar but different signs and symptoms. You’ll find out what situations make your vulnerable to mastitis, and you’ll learn when and what to ask about antibiotics and other medications that are commonly prescribed for the condition. Listen to make sure you’re well prepared to take charge, deal with the problem, and keep breastfeeding your baby.

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