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Breastfeeding: The Ultimate Way to ‘Go Green!’

It is a horrible truth of modern life: Science has shown us that even before they are born, our children are exposed to harmful chemicals. And chemical exposure doesn’t stop with childbirth; our babies are exposed in what they encounter in their environment as well as what they consume–from mother’s milk to commercial formula to table foods and prepared baby foods. It raises many questions: What chemicals do they encounter? What harm can they cause? How can we minimize our children’s exposure? If we cannot completely eliminate exposure, how can we minimize its impact?
Join Marie and special guest Donna Walls, RN, BSN, IBCLC, ICCE, ANLC, for a discussion of how chemicals affect foods, breastfeeding, baby items, household goods, and more. Learn about scientific studies, easy-to-access resources, and available alternatives to reduce the risk. Find out about budget-friendly alternatives and how-to steps you can take to help protect your little one–and your whole family!

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