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When Your Partner is Unsupportive of Breastfeeding

You’re in the decision-making phase: Should you do it? How does your baby’s father feel about it? If you’re unsure, have you had that conversation? Or maybe you’re in the early phases: Breastfeeding isn’t going so well, and your partner says you don’t need to do it. OK, is that a supportive statement with permission to formula-feed, or is that a way to get you to quit because your partner wasn’t keen on the idea in the first place? And what happens when the baby is older…and there’s pressure from your spouse, your friends, and everyone else because…that baby is too old to nurse! You need to stop!
Join Marie and Amy Wright Glenn as they talk about how to have the conversation, how to develop empathy for the lens through which others view breastfeeding, how to spot signs of deeper troubles and how to find good resources and move forward in a way that benefits the entire family.

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