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Adverse Childhood Experiences -ACES: Related to Breastfeeding?

More and more, studies are showing the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on health and well-being. And, there is a clear dose-response relationship; the more ACEs the person has encountered, the greater their risk for long-term health consequences (e.g., obesity, cancer, alcoholism, depression and more.) What are categories or examples ACES during childhood? What is their impact on initiation and continuation of breastfeeding, if any? Just as importantly, what is the impact of breastfeeding on ACES, if at all?
Join Marie and her guest, Colleen Weeks, as they discuss diseases and disorders that “run in families”. Discover the critical role of the brain’s amygdala in reacting to ACES. Learn ways in which these ACES are avoidable, and how each us can hope for—and even facilitate—a child’s resilience—after ACES.

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