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Dancing for Birth 101

By now you’ve heard all sorts of strategies for how to improve your labor and birthing experience without using drugs. Maybe you can already recite the how-to and benefits of psychoprophylaxis, social support, the birthing ball, water birth, aromatherapy, hypnobirthing (Marie’s favorite!) and many more (This show has even featured many of those topics, because the birth experience affects breastfeeding!) But what do you know about dancing for birth? Does dancing make any sense in childbearing?
Join Marie and her guest, experienced childbirth educator and dancer, Stephanie Larson. You’ll see how dancing in birth is easy, effective and logical. And, you’ll recognize how the postures, the movements, the hormones used in dancing make sense in labor! Stephanie tells stories of women who have had extraordinary experiences through dancing, and she also points you to the research studies that back up the efficacy of this “old” and yet “new” way of taking control of your own labor.

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