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Plan, Achieve, and Live Your Dream as an IBCLC

Happy IBCLC Day! Whether you’re in the exploration, exam-prep, or real-life practice phase of being an IBCLC, this show is for you! Having helped thousands of IBCLCs over the years who have questions about IBCLC eligibility, passing the IBLCE exam on the first try, and getting a job (or a better job) afterwards, Marie takes on the top 10 questions—and gives answers.

Exploring, but wondering which pathway you should use to qualify, or how much your preparation will cost from beginning to end? Preparing for the IBLCE exam, but worried about what to study, how to deal with the photo-based exam items, or what to do if you’ve already failed? Thinking about establishing your private practice…but have no idea where to start? Marie addresses these and other questions with tons of tips, insights and suggestions for free resources to help you plan, achieve and live your dream. To celebrate IBCLC day, Marie offers free CERPs and other credits—listen to find out how to claim your free gift!

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