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Vaping and Breastfeeding: Should You Do It, or Not?

Vaping has become very popular in the United States. Unquestionably, nicotine is addictive, and mothers who are trying to kick the cigarette habit often try vaping instead. But what do we know about vaping and breastfeeding?

Join Marie and her guest, Lori Feldman-Winter, MD, MPH, in this episode that’s chock full of questions—and research-based answers—about vaping and breastfeeding. Is vaping less harmful than smoking cigarettes? Does vaping effectively help people to stop smoking cigarettes? Does frequency or number of vapes matter? Are some vaping products more or less harmful than others? Is it just nicotine, or do other chemicals pass into the milk while vaping—and are they toxic, carcinogenic, or deleterious to milk production, ejection or transfer? And, if vaping isn’t your thing, what effective strategies can you try to stop smoking? This episode truly delivers on Marie’s promise to debunk the myths and clarify the facts!

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