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Will Chiropractic Care Help Your Baby To Latch?

Maybe you believe that latching is an inborn ability. Maybe you think it’s odd that your newborn seems hungry, but he acts frustrated and even pulls away when you offer to nurse. You’ve had help from the nurse, the lactation consultant, the doctor, and others. But your baby still has difficulty latching. Is it possible that some musculoskeletal problem impedes his ability to latch and/or swallow? If so, can a chiropractor help?

Join Marie and her guest, Andrew Dorough, DC, as they describe various musculoskeletal problems that newborns can experience, often as a result of the labor/delivery process. Hear why pediatric chiropractic techniques are safe and effective (and how they differ from techniques used on adults.) Learn the importance of early chiropractic visits, how to recognize classic signs of newborn musculoskeletal problems, where to find specially-certified pediatric chiropractors, and how just a few treatments can make a dramatic difference for pain-free, optimal latch.

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