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Encore A Quick Guide to Cue-Based Feedings for Preterm Infants

We all know that a “cue” is a signal for someone to do or to say something. But what, exactly, is cue-based feeding? Is cue-based feeding the same as demand feeding? Is cue-based feeding the same or different from infant-led feeding? Have volume-based feedings become outdated for preterm infants? Are cue-based feedings appropriate for preterm infants? Preterm infants are often more sleepy than communicative, so how will you recognize cues that they are hungry? Join Marie and her guest, Tena Fry RN, DNP, as they talk about cue-based feeding for preterm (and late-preterm) infants. In this episode, you’ll learn how to differentiate among early, mid and late hunger cues and gain confidence on how to respond to those cues. On the flip side, you’ll learn to recognize important cues that preterm babies feel full, or overstimulated, and want to discontinue a feeding. You’ll also see how cue-based feedings have been shown to benefit the baby, the parents, and even the hospital’s bottom line.

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